Bazaar Indicator is an individual financial consultant who works with accurate as well as statistical and mathematical analysis. We have a team of experienced people who can help you to grow your investment and drive it to a right path. We provide investors a simple and effective method that calls algo trading. And now we launch a new product that called is “Intraday Indicator”.

What is Algo Trading?

What Is Algo Trading?

    Algorithmic trading which is also famous with various other names such as automated trading, black-box trading, or simply algo-trading, is a computer programmed technique that places an order automatically to make profit at an impressive speed which next to impossible for a human trader. This is the professional as well as a systematic method of trading which is developed with analyzed and tested pre-defined rules. People always carried away by the emotions that lead to wrong decisions. In this automated algo trading, no emotions involved so with the help of this system, we can keep good care of your investment.

About Intraday Indicator

This is the cloud-based trading algorithm that helps the investors to make the day to day trading decisions easier and helps them to trade in a safe manner where the investors can generate some good amount of profit. Investors who invest through this kind of product, where the calculation done through statistical and mathematical order always result in a higher return. When a trader subscribes to any tips provider service, you will always find a big gap of time between the advice come from the advisor and the trade executed by the trader. If a trader trades after this much time gap, the price of the stock may be going up and trader miss the trading opportunity. So, you can't take proper decisions with the help of this kind of trading advice services that comes via SMS.

Bazaar Indicator has an impressive amount of experience in the finance field, and so we are aware of these kinds of difficulties that actually face by the trader. So, to make the trading faster as well as give a proper value to your decisions, we come with a product named, Intraday Indicator.

Work Flow of Intraday Indicator

    Intraday Indicator Strategy is working only in Equity Segment. This strategy is fully algo trading strategy. In this strategy our system works only intraday trading. In this system, only short sales are done. Our system has made a short sale position every day on the basis of money management and risk management in the selected stock. In this short cell strategy, our system works with a compulsory fixed stop loss.

    Short selling is a new concept to many traders. Most people are familiar with the "buy low, sell high" strategy that most investors utilize, however few are aware of the fact that you can sell high and buy low. Short selling stocks allow you to profit from a stock as it is dropping in price. Essentially, you borrow shares from your broker to sell and you are responsible for returning those shares at a later point. If the trade works in your favor, you will buy the shares at cheaper price than you sold them for.

How to Become Part of This Automated Trading System

Open The Trading Account
Fund Transfer
Trading Through Algorithm
Stay Free & Enjoy the Profit

Intraday Indicator last Three years’ performance: -

Intraday Indicator work very sincerely and get steady profit last three year earning around 325 % return of your investment. (This performance based on back test report.)


Unfortunately, you cannot use any of your existing trading account. We shall help you with opening a new trading account with our specified broker.

It is a fully automatic algorithm, all trades triggered by the algorithm will be directly placed into your trading account automatically, and there is no manual intervention required from your side. As our Algo is hosted on cloud server, you don’t need to spend any money on maintenance.

Only short sell trading will be done on Equity segment. As of now Algo doesn't trade on Index & Commodity.

Please note that all returns are completely based on Market movements, we do not guarantee any returns.

Minimum capital required is Rs. 2 Lakh.

You can withdraw your profits/capital whenever you wish. There is no lock in period. Withdraw your money anytime.

You can login to the web portal any time, and keep track of your fund value, trade details, profit & loss statement, everything gets updated on daily basis and you will be notified daily about the trading activity in your account.

Drop us an email if you have any query, our team would respond within few hours.

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