What are Mutual Funds?

  • Mutual Funds are investments that allow the owners to club their money with other investors to purchase shares to create a portfolio of assets constituting stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. The mutual fund products help the investors to make some extra money out of their limited income.

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Why invest in mutual funds?

  • Diversified Portfolio

    Mutual funds allow investors to hold a broad spectrum of products in their portfolio. This diversification can be achieved by blocking a limited amount of capital. Thus, one gets a fair chance to earn more with minimum investment.
  • Get spoilt for choices

    The market has something for everyone. You can be a beginner or an expert, a safe player or a risk taker- mutual fund products are unlimited and customizable. One is free to create his/her portfolio as per his/her pick.
  • High Liquidity

    The owners of mutual fund schemes can liquidate their holdings at any time at their will. These products have high liquidity and can be redeemed for cash at the market price easily.
  • No Investment Requisite

    Mutual funds allow you to buy products with a limited amount of capital. You can deploy a sum as low as Rs. 100 or as high as Rs. 1 Lakh. By using SIPs, you can relieve yourself from the burden of one-time investment.
  • Wider Market Access

    Mutual funds aid the investors to enjoy investment in offshore marketspaces without burdening them with tiring paperwork and regulatory compliance.
  • Secured and Transparent

    The system adopted by mutual funds is safe, secure, transparent, and reliable. All the information related to your investments is easily accessible online through monthly factsheets and documents.
  • Expert Advice

    Mutual funds are guided by professionals and experts who manage your portfolios. This helps the new entrants to make informed decisions without being aware of the whereabouts of the market.
  • Low fee charge for customers

    The mutual fund experts who manage your portfolio do not charge a hefty sum for their services. The transaction cost is low which reserves more profit for the owners.
  • Tax Implications

    Presently, the users can take tax benefits by investing in multiple tax saving funds available in the market. Best mutual funds investment schemes help to increase profits for the users in a regulated way.

How to Invest in Mutual funds?

  • Mutual funds can be purchased through a broker or from a regulated exchange.
  • Decide if you want to go for active or passive investing. Costs and performance are better in passive investing mode.
  • Finalize your budget for mutual fund investment.
  • Opt the right fund for yourself that fits in your budget completely. A good fund manager can help you reap in profits with limited capital.
  • Calculate the fee charged by mutual funds advisory services providers. The one offering no-transaction fee mutual funds can help you cut short your expenses.
  • Build your portfolio with the help of your mutual funds advisor and keep a track of your assets on a regular note.

Why choose Bazaar Indicator Mutual Fund services?

Bazaar Indicator is at your rescue. The best reasons for making Bazaar Indicator your mutual fund advisor in place of other fund companies in India are:

  • Avail guidance at every step of the investment phase
  • Design your portfolio from the thousands of mutual fund schemes available on the portal
  • Plan your next move based on recommendations supported by in-depth research
  • Use the trading account feature of Bazaar Indicator to get away with the requirement of tiresome application form filling during investment process
  • The portfolio is designed as per your need and will. Enjoy a plethora of services including continuous portfolio scrutiny.

What is SIP?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a plan which allows mutual fund investors to make equal payments to a mutual fund scheme at regular intervals of time in a disciplined way. The facility makes mutual funds accessible to a wider section of the society. The investment can be made quarterly, monthly, or weekly basis depending on the need of the investor. A pre-planned number of installments are allocated at the current market price for the owner. SIPs offer full flexibility to the users which helps them to increase or decrease, or discontinue their plan as per their will. This installment-based investment builds a habit of saving in people. They do not have to bother about paying hefty amounts to invest in mutual funds as SIPs are decided by the customers based on their interests.


A1. The different types of equity mutual funds are-

  • International equity funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Equity income funds
  • Dividend growth funds
  • Index equity funds
  • Value funds
  • Growth funds
  • Mid-cap equity funds

A2. An equity mutual fund is a scheme where investments are made in equity or shares and stocks of reputed firms

A3. Mutual Funds strive to make investments in the products and schemes which have the potential to bring profits for the investors.

A4. Yes, mutual funds are safe and regulated. They are subject to market fluctuations and so one should read the policies before investing.

A5. Anyone interested in saving money and earning quick profits can go for mutual funds investments.

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