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Bazaar Indicator is one of the best independent investment solution providers in India that helps people to invest carefully in the Indian Market. The way we treat our customers and the standard services we provide differentiate us from other advisory companies in India. With our accurate analysis and years of experience, we provide effective advice in Stock Market, Equity and Commodity Trading, Nifty and Bank Nifty Future, Stock and Index Future, Bullion, MCX Combo, Forex, etc.

The website and the content is only for the information purpose for the users. It does not give any advice or recommendations to buy or sell of securities or commodities including derivatives. The main purpose of the website is to provide proper information to the users, the owner of the website does not accept any legal action that arises through the use of the website's content. Any user takes any decision with the help of the website's information, it's completely the user's own responsibility. The investment in trading, commodities, Forex, etc. could be result in profit as well as loss. There is a risk factor involved in these kinds of investment. We advise investors, do proper research and then only make the investment.

Bazaar Indicator never request any kind of personal details from the user via message, email, or any kind of personal call. If you get any email or call with the name of the company and asking for the personal details, immediately contact website administrator. The website content never demand the personal details in exchange of the trading or financial advice.

All the details as well as the analysis of share pricing take place with the help of some reliable sources. Hence, there is no guarantee of always on-time details or accuracy of any stock values and pricing provided by us.

The content or information taken from this site, whether directly or indirectly never indicates the name of any securities for selling and buying purposes. The purchase or selling of the securities or derivatives always take place with the decision of the investor only.

Don't take any decision on investment with the help of this site's information, take the help form the experts before making any sell or purchase of securities. The information about shares and other derivatives given on this website are taken from some reliable sources so we never guarantee about the 100% accuracy. There is no warranty about the products or services, hence, the proprietor is not responsible for any kind of profit or losses happening because of the advice taken from this website. The website and the proprietor are not taking any responsibility of on-time information through the content about securities or the complete accuracy of the content provided here.

The nature of this business or the services provided through this website may be prohibited or restricted in some jurisdictions or the government laws. A person who takes the help of these services via this website, even after these kinds of restriction by the government, is responsible for any kind of illegal activity executed through the information given on this website. All the information given here is only for the read-only purpose.

By accepting this disclaimer, the user agrees to all the terms and conditions described above by himself without any pressure. User can't take any legal action in the case of profit or loss on the website or the proprietor.


At Bazaar Indicator, We Are Involved In Proprietary Trading As Well, Apart From Client Business. For The Personal Use , We Also Trade In NIFTY Options And Bank Nifty Options In Our Individual Personal Accounts Apart From Our Main Division Where We Provide Advisory Services In Stock Market, Equity And Commodity Trading, Nifty And Bank Nifty Future, Stock And Index Future, Bullion, MCX Combo, Forex, Etc. To Our Clients By Considering All The Regulations.

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Disclaimer*: The information given on this website is general and not targeting any person's situation. It's only for knowledge purpose. The strategies and recommendations given by the research team are their personal views so we do not take any guarantee of profits. Our team gives the advice as per the situation of the market, the final decision of investment will be completely yours. We advise you to not follow the past performance blindly because it's not an indicator of the future returns. Investment in the stock market is subject to market risks. We advise to read the documents carefully and take the advice of your financial advisor before making any type of investment. We are not individual financial advisor and do not take any responsibility of profit or loss. You can't take any legal action on us regarding the profit or loss through our financial advice.

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