Two Wheeler Insurance Services

Two Wheeler Insurance Services

When it is your bike and you with millions of memorable journeys, you find a meaning to life. Here, two-wheeler insurance comes handy as it acts as a protection shield against financial losses. Regardless of the type of bike or scooter, our online insurance quote will help you save money on new policies. Insurance of vehicles is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. At Bazaar indicator, we have tried to tune comprehensive coverage with affordable insurance rates.

What is Two Wheeler Insurance?

What is a Two Wheeler Insurance?

    Two wheeler insurance policies provide coverage for insured and any two wheeler vehicle like a bike, motorcycle, moped, scooter and scooty against damage from accidents. Damage caused by theft, natural disasters, riots and explosions is also covered. Check out the policies most apt for you and your vehicle through Bazaar Indicator, a renowned financial solution provider company in India.

Benefits of a Two-wheeler Insurance

According to statistics reported by India Today in 2017, more than 48,746 two-wheeler users died in road mishaps. The alarming increase in mortality rate because of road accidents has been a great nationwide concern. Multiple factors contribute to the increasing number of accidents such as over speeding, illegal driving behaviours, distracted drivers, disregard of safety measures, and potholes, to name a few. These circumstances may provide harm to the driver and also the vehicle. Therefore insurance is important to save extra expenses. Few benefits of Two wheeler Insurance are listed below.

  • Financial Safety

    The financial cover helps rides and owners save money in case of accidents, theft or other liabilities. This financial assistance also fulfils the requirement of covering death or injury to third party persons and damage to the property.
  • Accidental injuries

    Injuries may happen anytime, and while they damage the vehicle, the insured may also sustain injuries. Two wheeler policies cover both insured and vehicle.
  • Cost of parts and accessories of vehicles

    It depends on the policy, but most two wheeler policies cover the cost of spare parts like simple nuts, bolts, brake pads, gears, cover seats, and more.
  • Roadside Assistance

    Roadside assistance includes minor repairs, towing, tire change, etc. While exploring the policy, you can go for roadside assistance that will help you in case of need.
  • Personal Satisfaction

    Two wheeler insurance lets the insured be at peace at mind and lets the insurer take care of the expenses.
Two Wheeler Insurance Companies

Two Wheeler Insurance Companies

  • Bajaj Allianz,
  • Bharti AXA Two,
  • Digit,
  • Edelweiss,
  • IFFCO Tokio,
  • Kotak Mahindra,
  • Liberty Two,
  • SBI,
  • Among others provide two wheeler insurance options.

Types of Bike Insurance in India

The two types of Bike Insurance policies are available for users. Check out the policies in detail below.

Third-Party Bike Insurance

This insurance doesn’t cover any personal damage and only covers third party liabilities which is the damage caused to the other person, their vehicle or both. The premium rate of this type of insurance is low. This insurance is mandatory in India. Rs 2,000 fine is imposed on riders not having bike insurance.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

The scope of coverage of this insurance is wide as it covers multiple damages that may be caused to self, own vehicle as well as third-person liabilities.

Types of Bike Insurance in India

Inclusions and Exclusions of Two Wheeler Insurance

Inclusions and exclusions vary from policy to policy; check them thoroughly via Bazaar Indicator. Damage suffered from natural and human-made calamities, personal accidental coverage in which insured may get partial or total disability, third party liabilities, and more are covered under the policy. The policy excludes mechanical/electrical breakdowns, common wear and tear of parts, damage caused by someone without a valid license, etc.
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