Budget 2019: 4 Sectors Will get Benefits the Most. Have a Quick Look

Interim FM (Finance Minister) Piyush Goyal announced his maiden budget on the 1st February to the nation and signaling the significant economic growth for the next 5-10 years. The budget focused on benefiting the middle-class taxpayers & rural public of India.

Everywhere people are discussing the budget and seem like after a long time a budget is announced where middle-class people get satisfied. Cash Benefits and subsidies to farmers, enhanced pension schemes to workforces and tax rebate for people who have income under INR 5 lac have clearly put more emphasis on the retail consumers.

The 4 sectors are:

Consumption: Auto, FMCG, Insurance and Building Materials to increase swiftly

SME & MSME Sector: 2% interest subvention for a loan up to INR 1 Cr and MSMEs increased to 25% will provide a good opportunity to expands business and job creation.

Real Estate: Housing received an impetus as the projects registered before 2020 received a tax exemption.

PSU Banks: They can revive their lending activities.

Hope this budget will bring joy and happiness to every citizen of India.

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