Decline in TATA consumer product shares to 2.8%

Decline in TATA consumer product shares to 2.8% is ringing warning bells in the Indian Sensex market

The Shares of Tata consumer product shares started seeing a slight down 2.8% (503 Rs) in recent Sensex session. Previously it started its trade at 519 when the trade started. Even the Sensex market has seen the 65.4 points down which stands at 37916.

There is a report that shares around 136710 have been exchanged between hands till the afternoon. The company previously quoted its stock value was highest around 592 and the lowest was around 214 in National Stock Exchange

As a key take away company revenue stands around 46501.5 crores and This FMCG And Beverages company announced their quarterly sales of 2713 crores which is 12.8 % above the previous quarter and 43% from before that year quarter.

The company claims that 34.6 % of shares has been with promoters. In that 19.4% was Foreign institutional investors and 13.2% with Mutual funds owners respectively.

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